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Name: Forjar Hephaestus
Nickname: Heph
Age: 650 years old. Appears to be 40/50
Height: 2 meter
Body Weight: unknown
Body Build: tall and muscular

Appearance: Hephaestus looks like a giant. Some might even find him scary, because of the spiked eye patch fragment of his mask, or the large tusks sticking out the sides of his mouth. He has messy and rough dark grey hair, sideburns and a beard. His outfit resembles that of a blacksmith, but than white. He has his hollow hole on the left side of his chest and his Espada tattoo on the right side of his chest. He has large muscles.

Friends: fellow Espada and Arrancars

Date Of Birth: unknown

Personality: Hephaestus is a kind man, despite his monstrous appearance, deep and growling voice, which sometimes scares weaker souls. He likes helping his friends and truly cares for their wellbeing. And with his ability to forge items, he helps his fellow Espada and Arrancars by crafting them items of power. When in battle, his friendly demeanor fades away quickly. An enemy to him is an enemy to his friends and vice versa. As such, he won’t show any mercy to them and fight as long and hard as he needs to, in order to win.

Background: Hephaestus was born disfigured. His right eye unnaturally large, having an under bite, his arms being longer than they should be and his back being hunched over. As such, his mother didn’t want him, throwing him out, leaving him behind in the wild outside the city. She thought she had gotten rid of it.

years later, rumors went through the city about a monster roaming around the edges of the city. Having uneven eyes, long arms, an under bite and long arms. She couldn’t believe her ears when she heard this. that was the description of the creature she had left outside the city. Eighteen years had passed by. So, that night, she went looking for it.

and when she saw the man her son had become, she recognized it as the child she had thrown out. And she was even more disgusted with it than before. Which is why she had brought a knife. Hephaestus heard her coming into his cave, turned toward her and stood up straight, towering over the small woman, holding a hammer in his right hand, with an anvil standing close to him.

in the eighteen years in which he had grown up, he had lived in the wild, had grown big and strong, had learned the human language, had learned how to use the spirit energy he had and was able to use it, his brute strength and objects to craft objects of spiritual power. And this woman, the woman he had watched quite often, his mother, had now come to dispose of him.

he pulled a ring out of his pocket, put it on his finger, brought it to his mouth and summoned a hollow by saying the word; dinner. It came, sucked out her soul and returned to Hueco Mundo, leaving an angered Hephaestus with his mother’s body. He started to dissect her and took her organs and metals, his hammer, anvil and his spirit energy to forge those into items of great power. When more people came to see what the hammering noises were, Hephaestus presented them with those items, willing to sell them.

rings that shot out lightning, gloves that could create and send out fire, magnets that could draw upon the water. rumors of these items reached the king’s ears. He and his soldiers came to him, asking if he was the one who created those magnificent and powerful tools, which allowed human to wield the powers of nature. He admitted that he was and the king asked him to make him an item of power which would allow him to continue ruling, as he was afraid of being overthrown.

Hephaestus nodded and said the king should come back in one week. Than the weapon would be done. Hephaestus called upon the hollow by means of the ring, telling it to gather more hollows and send them to him to use. In return, Hephaestus promised it the same amount of souls as hollows he would send.

in the end, the hollow brought ten hollows. Hephaestus killed them, drew out their souls, took of their masks, dissected their bodies and started experimenting with these new forms of power, forging a new weapon of power for the king. But, not trusting the shady king, Hephaestus made a second weapon. Not only was it more powerful, but it could also cancel the powers of the first.

when the king came by the next week, he brought ten of his soldiers. Hephaestus showed the weapon and the king took the blade in hand, testing its destructive power on nature. And when Hephaestus asked for his payment, the king swung the blade at the smith, as the latter had expected. He drew his own weapon, blocked the attack and pushed back the king, before summoning his hollow. The king, now wielding a weapon of spirit energy, could see the hollow, saw how it killed and devoured his ten soldiers, just before Hephaestus swung his weapon at the king.

the king tried to unleash his weapon’s power, but its power was negated by Hephaestus’ weapon, thus the king died. But because of this, all the soldiers of the king came to Hephaestus and although he had the help of a hollow and two powerful weapons, he had no mind for strategy. And in the end, he was slain. But before he died, he sucked out the power of all the tools he was wielding, leaving them ordinary tools, before calling on his hollow, telling him to take him home.

the hollow did as Hephaestus asked, dragging his soul to Hueco Mundo, where he turned him into a hollow. From this point on, the two traveled together. After having taken out the entire army that remained, the two went after other hollows. The two had been friends when Hephaestus had been four. So they wouldn’t abandon each other now.

their goodbye came in a hollow feeding pit, when the two and many other hollows merged into one Gillian, with Hephaestus as the conscious mind of the entire being. Being abnormally large for even a Gillian, as well as still deformed, as well as a lot stronger than other hollows, other hollows tried to avoid him. but with his long arms and big hands, he could easily grab other hollows to than devour them. and he continued doing this until he evolved further.

as a Gillian he had gained the ability to breath fire, as well as use a cero. And he could still combine things through his spirit energy. As a Gillian he had worn the masks of other hollows as rings on his fingers. Ten masks formed one ring. And he was wearing ten rings on all his wingers. When he became an Adhucha, those masks evolved with him, giving him greater strength and endurance than before. His hammer like fists and his fiery breath and anvil like knees made him a smith among hollows.

and then, like many others, Hephaestus heard of the three Arrancars that had risen up and were sharing the power of the Arrancars with other hollows. This intrigued him. he would very much like to see if he could forge them into something. But as he made his way there, he heard they were of Vasto Lorde class, far out of his league. So he was sure to accept their offer of power and offered them items of power for their deed.

Birthplace: Japan

Powers: Hephaestus had, as a human, a considerable amount of superhuman strength. That, combined with his spirit energy and the weapons he forged, enhancing his powers, made him very strong indeed. When he became a hollow, this strength increased. During his evolution as a hollow, his physical strength continued to grow, as did his spiritual power and endurance.
as an Arrancar, his physical endurance and Hiero are just about as tough as those of the top three Espada. His enormous physical strength is even higher than Espada 7; Helios and Espada 6; Artemis. His Sonido on the other hand, is slower.
although he knows how to fight, he doesn’t have strategy for battle. He’s more of a wild swinger of his weapon. But considering his enormous physical strength, nearly if not equal to Espada 5; Athena, that’s still a good defense and offense for him.
he also has the ability to create fire. Either by swinging his hammer, creating friction in the air, manipulating that spark into a flame, or simply by breathing fire. He can use this fire for forging, for hitting or for sending out a blast of flames. These flames can also be added onto his cero, creating a fuego cero. And as an Espada, he can mix his blood with his cero, creating a gran rey cero. His strongest being; gran rey fuego cero.

Zanpaktou: the name of his weapon is; Martillo de Forja – forge hammer. It takes the form of a two handed hammer with three spikes on it and a hand guard on the upper level of the hammer. His resurreccion command is: ‘be forged in fire; Martillo de Forja!’

when he releases his Zanpaktou, his body started to send out heat, steam and fire in a large pillar of spirit energy. All this steam and fire is blown away when he finishes, but the heat remains.

Resurreccion form: as any other Arrancar, releasing his Zanpaktou returns him to his true form. In this form, Hephaestus has armored knees and hammer like hands, with three spikes on them. his mouth is filled with flames and he wears armored plating on his back, which can also act as a chest and inner forge. Hephaestus can take an object, store it in there and, while he fights, forge it into a weapon. When it’s finished, he can take it out, to use it in battle.

in this form, he relies on his massive strength, great endurance and his inner forge that can allow him to create very powerful weapons that are sure to help him in any fight.
this is my profile of my Octava Espada: Forjar Hephaestus;
his resurreccion;

Bleach belongs to :icontitekuboplz:
OC belongs to me, :iconchikararyoku:

I do point commissions, requests and art trades
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