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hey folks, friends, watchers and people who drop by my journal. I’m back again with my usual discussions on two of my favorite manga. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

Bleach 578; THE UNDEAD 5

okay, that was an outcome I didn’t expect. Nozarashi’s power seems to be rather simple. There’s nothing it can’t cut through. Gremmy creates quite a lot of clones of himself, all of them together form space around Kenpachi, a place where he can’t breathe. While momentarily effective, Kenpachi slashes through all the clones and Gremmy. While the real one retreats, the clones grab onto Kenpachi and explode. (that’s what it looked like anyway) the explosion doesn’t work and gremmy calls Kenpachi a monster, claiming he’ll become stronger than Kenpachi. What happens next is a little odd. It seems he created a monster inside himself. And that monster ended up killing him from the inside out. Kenpachi remains in the sky as gremmy falls to the ground.
I liked the action, but found the ending a bit strange.
what did you think?

Naruto 674; Sasuke’s Rinnegan…!!

well, this was an interesting chapter. We finally find out what this Limbo is that Madara has been going on about. It seems the technique summons an invisible shadow of him. Sasuke’s Rinnegan can see it and Naruto can sense it through the sage’s Senjutsu. I’m not exactly sure what it does, but I think it stops attacks from hitting the actual Madara, while attacks have no effect on it. Naruto forms a sand Rasengan with Shukaku’s chakra, putting a sealing jutsu in it, while Sasuke uses a black Chidori. They strike Madara from both sides, but he escapes, letting his Limbo take the hit. as he wants to have his left eye back, he rushes to Kakashi and steals his Sharingan, implanting it in his left eye socket. And while Sasuke cuts him down, Madara summons his top half to the pocket dimension, attacking Obito and Sakura, as the latter is about to crush Obito’s Rinnegan.
interesting chapter, a bit confused about the limbo, good fight and some good new techniques
what did you think?

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so, tell me what you think


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