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Toriko OC: Mathew. Time Skip Version by ChikaraRyoku
Toriko OC: Mathew. Time Skip Version
this is my OC Mathew in the Toriko Verse; Toriko OC: Mathew. The predator by ChikaraRyoku after the time skip

dressed in clothes made from the hides of animals from the gourmet world, they act as both clothes and as armor
Intimidation; Mathew: Appetite Demon. Army by ChikaraRyoku

Toriko belongs to Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Artwork and OC belong to me, :iconchikararyoku:

I do point commissions, requests and art trades
Ace Okunote: Jusace Style. Just Try It by ChikaraRyoku
Ace Okunote: Jusace Style. Just Try It
this is my OC, Ace Okunote; Ace Okunote: Human by ChikaraRyoku - Ace Okunote: Shikai by ChikaraRyoku drawn by the great :iconjusace:

Bleach belongs to :icontitekuboplz:
Artwork belongs to :iconjusace:
OC belongs to me, :iconchikararyoku:

I do point commissions, requests and art trades
Blaze sat at a tea shop at the edge of one of the rukon districts. He was just on his way back from a mission. As a group of adhuchas and gillians had been spotted around here, a captain had been send out to deal with them. and he had been chosen to do just that. having finished, he was now enjoying a cup of tea with some sweet dumplings. As he had his last sip, he suddenly sensed a much more powerful spirit energy than he had sensed from the hollows.

he jumped to his feet and looked in the direction it came from. As powerful as it was, he wondered if it could be a Vasto Lorde. But why would such a creature come to the soul society. Blaze paid for the tea and dumplings and hurried over to the hollow energy. as he hurried through the fields, he sensed the hollow’s spirit energy came from a valley of mountains. Blaze flash stepped over, jumped over a ridge and drew his Zanpaktou. But as he landed, the hollow spirit energy vanished, not even leaving a trace, as if it hadn’t even been here.

the only one here, other than Blaze, was an old man sitting on a large rock, holding a cane in his hand. As Blaze had another look at the man, he saw he was dressed as a soul reaper. He was bald, had multiple wrinkles on his forehead and in his face, had dark grey narrow eyes, a pointy silver grey beard and long earlobes. He had six scars, three on both sides at the bottom of his neck, like the gills of a fish. He wore a necklace of ten beads, nine in a square and the tenth hanging under that. he wore a Haori, symbol of being a captain. His shihaksho sleeves came out under the Haori sleeves. He wore grey arm protectors on both his lower arms with silver edges and small red balls on those edges. He wore a white belt and his Hakama stopped a little over his knees and his lower legs were covered by his long white socks. And instead of sandals he wore thick soled okobo. And he was holding a wooden cane.

Blaze looked around to make sure there was no sign of the hollow he had sensed earlier. The old man smiled and hopped of the rock he sat on, ‘there’s no hollow here dear boy.’ Blaze looked back at the man, looked at his Haori and tilted his head, ‘I don’t recognize you as a captain from the fourteen court guard squads. Are you a member of the royal guard squad?’ the old man smiled before turning around, showing the royal guard emblem on the back of his Haori, before turning back around to face Blaze, ‘indeed I am boy. My name is Suramo Hogaya. Nice to meet you.’ Blaze nodded, ‘likewise. But, why is a member of the royal guard squad here?’

Suramo smiled, ‘I heard my young friends and colleges Mathew and Kabe had faced you in battle. Back in my days as a captain, it was still the thirteen court guard squads. So, I found myself wondering; what is the captain of squad fourteen capable of. I got permission from his majesty to take one day off and came to pay you a visit. So, after facing those hollows, are you still able to humor this old man with a battle?’ Blaze smiled, saw he was still holding his Zanpaktou and replied, ‘you’d be the third royal guard I would fight. It would be an honor.’

Suramo nodded, lifted up his walking cane and put his left arm behind his back, ‘than bring it on boy.’ Blaze smiled as he tilted his head, ‘the only one who ever calls adult soul reapers boy is head captain Yamamoto.’ Suramo nodded, ‘well, that’s to be expected, seeing as old I and Shigekuni are, you are little more than a boy to us. still, you are a powerful boy.’ Blaze smiled and took a battle ready pose, pointing his blade forward. If this man was as old as the head captain and a member of the royal guard, he had to be powerful.

Suramo than came walking forward, step by step. Each time there were three clicks. One from both his okobo sandals and one from his cane. Blaze kept his guard up, not knowing what to expect. Than the clicking stopped and Suramo was gone. Blaze was surprised at the sudden disappearance, before finding Suramo,… ore more like; feeling him, as the old man delivered a kick to his left ribs. Blaze was send crashing into the mountain side. As he fell back to the ground, he felt that at least two ribs were broken. He stood up slowly, only to find Suramo inches away with a calm smile on his face.

Blaze took a step back, only to find Suramo had disappeared again. the old man replied, from behind him, ‘backing away? that only works with someone who’s an equal dear boy!’ Blaze turned around and found Suramo’s cane jabbed into his stomach, sending him plummeting down the mountain side. As Blaze came to a halt, he found his shihaksho had been torn at the jabbed spot and he was bleeding there as well. Suramo came walking down the mountain, slowly.

Blaze stood up, took hold of his Zanpaktou with both hands, ‘incinerate; Kewashii Furea!’ his Zanpaktou burst into flames as they entered Shikai, before Blaze launched a slash of flames at Suramo. But, instead of dodging it, a flash of blue spirit energy washed over Suramo, negating the flames. And still he continued his slow and steady walk toward Blaze. But the red headed captain had learned his lesson. While he walked slowly and took his time, walked with a cane, he was deceptively fast! The pain in his ribs and stomach were proof of that.

Blaze calmed down, rushed forward and flash stepped at Suramo, swinging his blade at the old man. but as he did, Suramo was gone. Blaze felt the old man’s spirit energy behind him and turned around, swinging his blade. Suramo caught the flaming blade with his bare right hand. But as Blaze looked, he saw the hand was surrounded in a cold blue spirit energy, negating the flames from having an effect on Suramo. The next moment Blaze received a slap to the side of his face from Suramo’s left hand.

it send Blaze skipping over the ground and as he jumped up to his feet again, he saw Suramo pulling his cane out from the ground. It seemed like this man was toying with him. Blaze remembered his battles with Mathew and Kabe. Mathew had fought Blaze seriously and had fun during their fight. Kabe, Blaze hadn’t been able to read that guy at all. And Kabe had knocked Blaze around quite a bit. But Suramo; as he slapped Blaze around it seemed like the old man was intending to kill Blaze. Breaking his ribs, stabbing him in the stomach, slapping him hard enough to almost break his neck; this old man was dangerous!

Suramo came at a ten meter distance and stopped walking. Blaze breathed out, before asking, ‘why do I get the feeling you’re holding back?!’ Suramo grinned, tightening all the wrinkles on his face, ‘because I am boy! I am older than Shigekuni, but a soul reaper none the less. As such, I was a captain and a member of the first generation of the thirteen court guard squads. I hope you’ve heard what was said about that generation!’ Blaze nodded, ‘according to captain Kyoraku, it was the strongest generation of the thirteen court guard squads.’ Suramo nodded, ‘indeed. So, you think I’m playing around with you; well I am. Would you like me to take you more seriously?’ Blaze nodded, ‘yeah; I don’t like being underestimated.’

Suramo nodded and jammed his walking cane into the ground. Suramo turned the top of the cane and pulled out a wakizashi sized Zanpaktou. Suramo took the blade in his hand and vanished again. Suramo turned around and for the first time crossed blades with the old man, ‘one of the first rules about striking down an enemy; never attack the front, kill them from behind!’ Suramo grinned, ‘good to know those lessons are still being taught!’

Suramo pushed Blaze back, stepped forward and swung his blade in a wide swing. Blaze stepped back, avoiding the direct slash. But as a gust of wind from the slash passed his face, Blaze noticed his cheek was cut open. and as this distracted him for just a moment, he noticed the blade headed for his face. he flash stepped aside, only to feel his back being slashed. Blaze jumped forward, turned around and took a defensive stance just in time to block Suramo’s next blade swing. Even though the old man only used his right arm, his strength was undeniable.

Blaze enhanced his spirit energy and pushed back with all his might. He knew he couldn’t back away anymore. Like Suramo had said; that only worked in a battle of equals. As such, the old man left him little choice; ‘Bankai!’ he unleashed a surge of spirit energy, took his Bankai blade in hand, felt his increased spirit energy and strength and pushed Suramo back. The old man took a step back, ‘nice work boy. Now you’re unleashing some serious power and wielding some serious power. So, allow me to do the same!’

the next moment, as Suramo discharged his spiritual pressure into the surrounding area, Blaze felt an enormous weight on his entire body. A wild and ferocious power was filling this mountain valley. Blaze found it difficult to draw a breath. If he had to compare the enormity of this power to anything, it would be the ocean. Still, Blaze stood his ground, stood tall and swung his blade at the old man, unleashing a massive ball of fire. But, like before, a wave of blue spirit energy washed over Suramo, negating the fire.

Blaze grinned, ‘so, you have water natured spirit energy. that’s how you’re countering my fire attacks.’ Suramo tilted his head and the pressure in the area lessened, ‘water? what gives you that idea? who’s to say I’m not using fire? A stronger fire than yours to cancel your attack out?’ Blaze swung his blade at Suramo again, once again firing a wave of flames. This time a raging fire burned over Suramo, shielding him from Blaze’s attack. but it was a different thing than he had seen before. he flash stepped over to the old man and swung his blade at the man from behind.

Blaze sword brushed against an invisible barrier that blew his Bankai blade upward. As Blaze brought his blade down, it was blown to the side and he heard the sound of swirling wind around the old man. Blaze jumped back. He had now seen water, fire and wind in close succession. But that was impossible, ‘a Zanpaktou can only have one kind of nature! And that nature is usually reflected by the wielding soul reaper’s spirit energy. how are you changing your spirit energy to represent different elements?’

Suramo smiled and turned around, ‘the soul king makes soul reapers his royal guards for something extraordinary they’ve done or invented and created. So with that sinking in,… what do you think my invention was?’ Blaze adjusted his footing and replied, ‘did you invent spirit energy?’ Suramo shook his head, ‘no boy. Spirit energy has existed since the dawn of time. But back then, it was nothing more than just simple power. Just a release of force. When I saw what nature could do and tried to alter my spirit energy to gain the same, I gained the ability to make my spirit energy into any nature I wanted. Then I discharged that into the soul core, giving all soul reapers the ability to gain a nature to their spirit energy. but for them, it was just one nature, bound to their Zanpaktou. Me, my Zanpaktou doesn’t have a nature; it’s just power. Me, I can pretty much alter my spirit energy to mimic anything I want.’

the next moment Blaze felt the powerful hollow spirit energy that had lured him to the mountain. So Suramo had released that power to draw Blaze’s attention. The next moment it vanished again and, for the first time, Blaze felt his own spirit energy from another place than where he stood. Suramo was mimicking him now. Next up it felt like a human’s spirit energy, before it turned back into Suramo’s own spirit energy.

Blaze nodded, ‘impressive. Well with your power and abilities, I guess I should take this fight of ours to the next level.’ he held out his blade and chanted; ‘Let my Soul become heard, my will become thy shield… My heart guides the power of protection I wield!’ his Bankai erupted into blue flames, changing Blaze’s appearance, making his hair longer and increasing his power. Suramo grinned, ‘good, now that’s some high quality power. My turn.’ Blaze watched as Suramo took hold of his Zanpaktou with both hands, before pulling the hilt apart, splitting his sword into two. The old man took a new stance with his dual Zanpaktou.

Blaze’s blue flames were covering his ribs, his stomach, his back and his cheek, healing his wounds. And as those wounds healed he flash stepped over to Suramo, bringing down his large blade with a blast of blue flames. Suramo moved his right blade up and brushed Blaze’s attack off to the side before stabbing his left blade forward, piercing Blaze’s right arm. As blaze stepped back, covering the wound in healing blue flames he received a kick to his stomach.

Blaze flash stepped three times, putting a large distance between him and Suramo. He increased his power output, increasing the speed with which he healed. He was using one of his Bankai’s second stages. Yet the old man was still using his sealed Zanpaktou. But it did feel like the old man was fighting more seriously. Blaze focused on all he had observed, knew what he had to watch out for and as Suramo appeared in front of him, Blaze flash stepped toward him, fully healed, quickly swinging his blade with force. Suramo blocked the attack with both blades. But this time, he was driven back by the brute force Blaze used.

Blaze followed the old man quickly and kept clashing his blade with Suramo’s two blades. Even though Suramo wielded lighter weapons and two, Blaze managed to keep up with both and kept Suramo mostly on the defensive. Suramo than flash stepped backwards, ‘well done Blaze. Even with both blades I can’t keep up with you. with your body fully healed, your quite a threat. So; “break them, Shizen Kenfu!”’ both blades started to glow, grew longer and grew an axe blade near the end.

Blaze, raised his blade, not knowing what to expect. But he better act fast before Suramo unleashed whatever power those blades had, ‘Kami no Surasshu!’ blue flames started to run up the blade, quickly building up a massive blue flaming inferno. At the top of the blade. Blaze brought his blade down, sending the massive orb of blue flames at Suramo with great speed. Suramo raised both his blades, crossed them and replied, ‘Sōgo dageki!’ both blades were enveloped in spirit energy. the old man cross slashed both blades downwards, sending out a large X.

the X of spirit energy clashed with the fire ball, causing both to explode, destroying the ground, as well as melting it through the extreme heat. Suramo jumped through the smoke of the explosion and started attacking Blaze with both his blades in quick succession. Blaze blocked the attacks, which had grown stronger as Suramo had released his Shikai. But as Blaze blocked a strike, Suramo hooked one of the edges of his axes around the blade, pulled it to the left and raised his own right blade.

Blaze tried to pulled his blade back, but Suramo kept it hooked. Blaze’s torso was slashed open, causing him to stumble back, before Suramo’s second blade unhooked Blaze’s Bankai blade and slashed his right shoulder down to his right hip. Blaze fell down to the ground and found two crossed axe blades at his throat. He looked up at Suramo, who had a cold, murderous look on his face. Blaze nodded carefully; ‘I surrender.’ Suramo nodded and pulled his blades back, ‘you’re lucky my dear boy. If this had been an actual battle, surrender wouldn’t have been an option. I’ve never taken prisoners.’

Blaze nodded and focused the flames of his Bankai to heal his body. This was the third royal guard he had faced, a member of the first generation. Where at first he seemed a kind old man, he truly was a cold merciless veteran. As his wounds were healed, Blaze sealed his Zanpaktou and sheathed it. Suramo sealed his Zanpaktou as well, pulled the cane sheath from the ground and put his blades back together into the cane and walked back over to blaze with his kind smile, ‘thanks for showing me what the captain of the fourteenth court guard squad can do.’ Blaze nodded, ‘thank you for having a fight with me. it’s a rare opportunity to fight a royal guard.’

Suramo chuckled and turned around, ‘I think that you might be the rarest opportunity of all Blaze Kagayaku. For I think you might one day have faced all five of us.’ Suramo than vanished, not leaving a trace of his spirit energy. Blazed panted somewhat and went back. Perhaps he should have another cup of tea with some sweet dumplings before heading back to the Seireitei.
Suramo vs Blaze
after having my OCs Mathew; Battle: Mathew vs BlazeBlaze Kagayaku was walking through Hueco Mundo, his mission to take out a Vasto Lorde had been a success and now he was headed back to the soul society. As he walked past a tree, he stopped and turned to look at it. Or rather, at the soul reaper leaning against it. Mathew smiled, waved at blaze and said: ‘hey ma man, nice day ain’t it?’
Blaze nodded and replied: ‘sure is, a bit cold here in Hueco Mundo though. Don’t know how you can stand walking here on your bare feet. By the way, what’s a member of the royal guard doing here?’
Mathew nodded, stepped forward, away from the tree as he replied: ‘I’m glad you asked. You see, I was taking care of a group of gillians and adhuchas that had grown a bit too big for our liking. So, after I had disposed of them, I noticed a burning spirit energy above the forest, recognizing it as yours. And so, here I was, finding myself thinking; what a rare opportunity.’
Blaze shrugged and replied:
 and Kabe Kabe Kurora vs Blaze KagayakuBlaze sat in front of a river outside the rukon district. He had his Zanpaktou Kewashii Furea lying unsheathed in his lap. It could be seen as Jinzen, but Blaze had not focused his spirit into his sword. Instead, as he meditated, he listened to the sounds of nature around him. he heard the sound of the river, the wind blowing through the trees, the crickets in the grass. And, if he focused on sensing spirit energy, he could even feel Kuro, Kibo, Tsuyoi and Tessa training up on the mountain. And, as their captain, he too was training. Though not as physically; for now.
but as he sensed their spirit energy, he also sensed a spirit energy far stronger than the four of them combined; it was standing behind him. Blaze didn’t feel any harmful intent coming from this new presence, but didn’t like being snuck up upon. He opened his eyes, stood up and turned around. The red haired captain found himself looking at a soul reaper he did not recognize. A man with shoulder length messy b
 fight my buddy :iconblazekagayaku:'s OC Blaze
I thought it was time for the next of my royal guard OCs to step up; Suramo Hogaya

Bleach belongs to :icontitekuboplz:
Blaze Kagayaku belongs to :iconblazekagayaku:
this story and Suramo Hogaya belong to me, :iconchikararyoku:

I do point commissions, requests and art trades
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
It was already passed midnight in Karakura town. The full moon shone brightly in the night sky, while a young orange haired man was walking home. Only a short while ago had he graduated from Karakura high school and tonight had been a end of year party for everyone who had graduated. Ichigo Kurosaki might not have gotten to be top of his class or year, but he was still in the top fifty, along with three of his friends. It had been a good night and he had a lot of fun.

as he continued, he looked at the dead weight on his back with a frown, as well as a smile. Rukia Kuchiki, one of his best friends and the soul reaper who had shared her power with him so long ago, had come by to visit and celebrate Ichigo’s graduation with him. and as the party had ended, Ichigo had found her sleeping. As such, he was now piggybacking her. it reminded him of when he began his work as a substitute soul reaper. As Rukia had lost most of her power and had to go with him, this is how he used to transport her. and now he did so again, while she slept.

as he came home, he saw all the lights were out; as he expected. He walked to the door, took out his key, opened the door, walked in, closed and locked the door behind him before quietly walking to his own room upstairs. As he got to his room, Rukia started mumbling. He gave her a smile, before walking to his closet and opening it. as she used to sleep in his closet before, he put her in it gently on the spare futon that still lay there. He left his closet open, stepped back quietly and felt the fatigue of the night. He was really glad that no hollows had shown up tonight.

he undressed and went to the bathroom for a quick shower. As he closed the door behind him, Rukia opened her sleepy eyes. She realized where she was right away, as she had often woken up in Ichigo’s closet. She sleepily stepped out of the closet, noticed she was sweaty and remembered how fun the evening had been. Being with friends, teasing Ichigo and,… a blush came to her face; she had danced with Ichigo. It had not been what she had expected, but it had been fun. She smiled through her blush, felt warm in her dress and sweat; she could really use a shower.

she undressed, only keeping her bra and panties on and quietly walked to the bathroom. She had seen it was dark outside, so she assumed Ichigo and his family were already sleeping. She had not noticed Ichigo’s bed was empty.

she opened the changing room door to the bathroom quietly, closing it behind her and taking of her bra and panties. She than opened the bathroom door and stepped in, than noticing the sound of the shower. As she looked, she saw Ichigo standing there, completely naked. And Ichigo had heard her come in, stopped the shower and now he saw her standing there, completely naked. Both of them blushed at seeing the other, before realizing the other also so him/her.

Rukia gasped with a squeak and opened her mouth. Ichigo saw what was about to happen, quickly stepped forward and placed a hand over Rukia’s mouth, before she could scream. Her scream was muffled by his hand and she closed her eyes and covered herself with her arms. Ichigo quickly grabbed a towel to cover his crotch and whispered, ‘don’t scream Rukia. That could wake up my dad and my sisters. Do you really want them to see what that scream was about and find us like this?!’ Rukia opened her eyes in shock and her blush deepened. She shook her head, crossed her legs and pulled Ichigo’s hand of her mouth, ‘sorry, you startled me by standing there. I thought you had already gone to bed.’ She whispered back to him.

Ichigo shook his head, ‘I just put you in my closet and had just left to take a shower myself. And then you suddenly show up,… completely n.. nake,… nak…ed, naked.’ Rukia noticed Ichigo was blushing just as much as she was. she looked away and noticed he did the same. she tried to think of something to say, to solve this little problem of theirs. She than noticed she still held Ichigo’s hand and gave it a slight squeeze. Ichigo noticed and, after a few seconds, he took her hand into his own. he cleared his throat, drawing her attention away from their hands and up to his face. as he looked down to her face, he tried not to look at the cleave her arm was not covering, ‘Rukia,… how, how about you go back for a minute. I’ll finish showering, leave and then you can take a shower.’

Rukia thought about it, smiled and decided to tease Ichigo some more; liking the way he blushed, ‘or,… I could stay and have a shower with you.’ Ichigo’s blush spread to the rest of his face and he looked away. but, as he looked into the mirror, seeing the playful grin Rukia had on her face, he got a mischievous smile of his own. if Rukia wanted to play it that way, he would too. He sighed, looked back and replied, ‘well, seeing as you suggest it, I guess you have no problem with it. let’s do it.’ Rukia stood there dumbfounded. She almost dropped her arms, ‘huh? What,… what did you say Ichigo?’

Ichigo blushed, ‘well; you said you wanted to take a shower with me,… so I guess you don’t mind. so; I’ll let you.’ now Rukia’s blush spread all over her face, waving one hand in front of her, ‘no no no no no! I was just trying to mess with you,… I was no actually expecting you to,… what’s so funny?!’ she saw Ichigo chuckling through a grin, before he pointed at the mirror. She understood he had seen through her and played his own trick on her. she smiled and laughed as well. Ichigo sighed, ‘so, what will it be Rukia? Will you wait a moment for me to finish,…’ a blush returned to his face, ‘or will you stay here?’

Rukia was ready to answer, until her mind ran away with her. if she stayed and took a shower with Ichigo,… that would me she would see all of him exposed. And he would see her completely naked. And standing close together under the shower,… her blush deepened. She did like Ichigo, she really did. But going as far as to,… shower with him. she looked up at his face,… noticing that this time he wasn’t joking. She sighed, ‘okay,… let’s just make it,… a,… a quick shower, okay? And no staring!’ Ichigo was surprised by her answer, but stepped back to the shower and let the water run again as he put the towel away, not trying to look at Rukia.

Rukia also stepped under the wide shower, coming to stand before Ichigo, she he could only see her back. Although, as he was longer, he could look over her shower, if he wanted to. She would trust him not to do that. Ichigo became nervous, wondering why he had asked if Rukia would stay. At the same time he wondered why she said yes. Sure, he liked her, she was his closest friend. She was a rare beauty and any man would be lucky to have her as a girlfriend. But,… why did she choose to stay here and shower with him. the blush on his face was bright red.

Rukia was wondering the same thing; why did she say yes? And why had Ichigo asked that question? Ichigo was a good friend, was protective but not overly so. He had a strong and handsome face. Rukia remembered one of the girls had asked her a question when she had first came here; “do you have a crush on Ichigo?” she had been surprised by it and had answered that they had been just friends. But that was then,… if that question was asked of her again; would she give the same answer?

Ichigo tried not to look,… but he was a young man, he was somewhat curious. He was not as perverted as Kon,… but having a naked girl this close to him, it being Rukia,… he couldn’t help but peak now and then. And his imagination did the rest. As Rukia washed her hair, she felt something poking her hip. She looked, expecting one of Ichigo’s hands. Instead she saw his dick, completely erect. Her blush deepened and she wanted to look away. but she found herself unable to do that. and as Ichigo looked at Rukia, he noticed what she was looking at.

he had to keep from screaming his lungs out, cleared his throat and placed a hand over Rukia’s eyes, ‘weren’t you the one who said; “no staring.” Rukia?’ she nodded, ‘sorry,… it’s just,… I’ve never seen one before, outside biology class.’ Ichigo nodded, turned his back to her and pulled his hand of her eyes. Rukia kept staring at his back, before finishing washing her hair. As they both finished, Ichigo stopped the shower and handed it to Rukia. She looked at it, than back at Ichigo. She took it and wrapped it around her, before placing her head against Ichigo’s back.

Ichigo was completely surprised by Rukia’s actions, but her question surprised him even more, ‘Ichigo,… can I,… see it again?’ he was so surprised he turned half around, showing it to her. she started at it again and Ichigo replied, ‘if you’re going to stare at me,… don’t you think it would be fair to let me look also?’ both of them blushed and Rukia took hold of the edges, pulling them loose slowly, before she dropped the towel, showing her breasts and vagina.

as Rukia looked at Ichigo’s crotch, she also saw more of him; his muscles and his handsome face. and Ichigo in return looked at her entire body. Her fine, round and small breasts and her vagina. When Rukia couldn’t stand having his eyes on her anymore, she stepped up to Ichigo and wrapped her arms around him, feeling his dick on her hip. Ichigo, in return, wrapped his arms around her, feeling her breasts on his abdomen. Rukia looked up at him, her dark blue eyes shining, looking in his deep brown eyes. Ichigo got a feeling and brought a hand to her chin, bringing his own head down to hers.

Rukia realized what he wanted to do, what he was going to do. as he moved slowly, she had the chance to stop him. but she didn’t want to. After what had just happened; them seeing each other naked, showering together, what would come next would be a lot less intense. Ichigo placed his lips on hers, kissing her, closing her eyes as she did. She closed her eyes in return and wrapped one arm around his neck. As Ichigo stood up again, she hung onto him. but that didn’t slow him down, lifting her up easily. As she held onto him, she kissed him this time.

as Ichigo kissed her back, he grabbed a tower and wrapped it around her, keeping one arm around her, he quickly walked back to his room. as he walked, Rukia wrapped her legs around him and kissed his neck. Ichigo quickly arrived in his room, closed the door, turned to a wall, pinned Rukia against it and kissed her lips again. as Rukia felt the wall behind her and Ichigo in front of her, she moved her hands over his back as she kissed his back. She brought one hand to his head, moving it to his spiky orange hair.

Ichigo slowly lowered her down the wall and down his body, before she felt something rubbing under her vagina. She broke her kiss, looked down and saw Ichigo’s dick. It hadn’t entered her yet and as she looked in Ichigo’s eyes, she knew he wouldn’t do it without her allowing it. instead, he moved his hips forward and back and again and again. Rukia moaned at the rubbing sensation. And as she moaned, Ichigo kissed her again. this time, he moved his tongue into her mouth.

this new touch surprised her, but she liked it. she greeted his tongue with her own and started moving her own hips over Ichigo’s dick. Ichigo, who’s arms were still around her, hugged her closer to him and moved his hands around her, groping her breasts. Rukia moaned deeply, which was smothered by their kiss. She pushed off from the wall she was against with her legs, pushing Ichigo’s back against the other wall. He grunted from the impact, before sinking down to his knees, placing Rukia on the ground. She landed on the towel Ichigo had wrapped around her.

Ichigo continued to kiss her and one hand explored her breasts and nipples. As they weren’t dried, they became hard. His other hand slid down over her belly to her legs, reaching her vagina, rubbing over it, feeling how wet it was and not from the shower. Rukia moaned from the pleasure she felt and wrapped one arms tighter around Ichigo, wanting him closer, while her other hand trailed over his body, until she found his dick, taking it in hand before moving it. Ichigo moaned softly while he kissed her.

Rukia looked at his opened closet with her bed in it. she placed her free hand on his cheek, stopping his kiss. But his hand at her vagina moved two fingers inside. Rukia moaned loudly and Ichigo quickly covered her mouth with his own, before playfully pinching her nipple. Rukia couldn’t help but moan at the pleasure Ichigo brought to her. she grabbed his dick more firmly and slapped her hand against his cheek, stopping his kiss again and this time it kept his attention, ‘she motioned her head to the closet, ‘let’s do it Ichigo,… in there.’ Ichigo looked, smiled with lust in his eyes, the same he saw in her eyes. He pulled his hand out of her, stood up and helped her to her feet. She crawled into her closet and Ichigo followed her inside. Ichigo lay down atop her and, following her curves, he slowly moved his dick into her vagina.

Rukia screamed and moaned as he entered her. Ichigo kissed her and moved his tongue into her mouth, muffling the sound she made, as well as his own grunt. As her scream ended, he slowly started to move his hips back and forth into her. short soft squeaks and moans escaped Rukia’s lips and soft moans and groans came from Ichigo as he made love to her; the girl he cared for most, the girl he loved.

after a while, they changed position. Rukia placed Ichigo on his back and sat down on him, moving herself up and down. As she did this, Ichigo’s hands cupped around her breasts, fondling them. both had to keep from moaning to loudly. But sometimes they couldn’t help it, as the pleasure the other brought them felt too good.

Rukia was the first who came, filling her head with a white blissful feeling. Ichigo also felt his climax coming. At this time, he was taking Rukia doggy style. He held onto her tightly and started moving faster and faster. Rukia’s moans also sped up. And as Ichigo came, he pulled her up, kissing her lips and muffle his own moan, as well as hers. The both fell back on Rukia’s bed and both of them panted, exhausted from the love making.

it being late and with them having expended extra energy with this unexpected yet enjoyable activity, they both felt drained. Rukia reached for her blanket and pulled it over herself and Ichigo, while Ichigo closed the closet before wrapping one arm around her, to pull her and keep her close. As they wished the other good night, they kissed each other again.

on the other side of Ichigo’s door, Isshin sat with his ear to a glass which he held against Ichigo’s door. He smiled, cried and muttered, ‘oh my dear wife, not only has our body graduated. He’s also become a man!’
Ichiruki: Unexpected Activity
I just felt like writing something for my favorite bleach couple

Bleach belongs to :icontitekuboplz:
this story belongs to me, :iconchikararyoku:

I do point commissions, requests and art trades

Hey friends, watchers and other people who happen to just drop by my journal; welcome. I’m back again for my usual discussions of one of my favorite manga; Bleach. So, without any further ado, let’s get to it.

well, the preparations for the battle are complete. Yukio says he’s going to stay in the room they’re in while the others go out to fight, while Ichigo asks Riruka to do the same. down in the soul society, the vandenreich Seireitei crumbles away. Kisuke finishes the door and opens it. as Ichigo & co arrive at the pin, they find Juha bach has remodeled the entire soul king’s palace to his liking. And the pin Yoruichi placed has been blown away. she seems really pissed.
this chapter felt rather short to me.
what do you think?

info on my anime writing point commissions, drawing requests and art trades
can be found here;

so, tell me what you think


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Commission. ravusWolf. Dark SoraSora stood in one of the hallways of the Phantom Lord guild, standing face to face with the guild master of the mentioned guild; Jose Porla. He remembered how all of this had started some days ago. Gajeel had attacked and wrecked the guild hall, no one being around, no one got injured. The day after, team shadow gear was attacked by Gajeel and master Makarov struck back, bringing the Fairy Tail Guild to the Phantom lord guild; where the two guilds had a good old brawl. But master Makarov had been injured. And during their battle there, Lucy had been kidnapped. Natsu had gotten her back, but now Phantom Lord had come in their mobile fortress to take her by force.
Natsu had gone to the palace after Erza had blocked an insanely magical attack. Grey and Elfman had gone after him and after he, Sora, had made sure Erza was alright, he had gone to the palace as well to help put an end to all of this. all four of the element four had been dealt with and Natsu was busy battling Gajeel. Sora had
 - Commission. ravusWolf. Darkened MindErza walked through the guild hall with a worried expression on her face. Mira followed her with her eyes and knew what Erza was so worried about; Sora had gone on a SS class quest one and a half month ago and he still hadn’t returned. Even worse; he hadn’t send any messages of where he was and how things were going. Master Makarov was also worried, but he was still waiting for something.
Natsu, who was a dragon slayer like Sora, was missing his training partner. Grey, who was once again eating his lunch without his shirt, was also worried. All members of fairy tail were his family, so if one member was missing, that would upset him. the same went for everyone else in this guild.
after one more week, Makarov was done waiting and called Erza and her friends together, ‘Sora has been gone for far too long now. I want all of you to go and look for him. Erza, you’re in charge. Natsu, use that nose of yours to find his scent and follow it. Grey, you’re going alo

I can give it a go
but; why would he want to destroy fairy tail? I can't really see the reason for it

Sasuke wanted to do it to avenge his brother. what's sora's reason?
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