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Fairy Tail OC: Mathew and Xaro by ChikaraRyoku
Fairy Tail OC: Mathew and Xaro
this is my main OC Mathew in the Fairy Tail Universe

Name: Mathew Suraisa
Race: Human
Gender: male
Age: 23
DOB: 19 September
Height: 185 cm
Affiliation: DNA Guild
Team: none

Magic: Dragon God Slayer, word magic

Family: (adoptive) father; Oroboros

Nickname: Mat

Appearance: Mathew is a tall, muscular, young blond man with bright green eyes. he has thick eyebrows, a mustache and a short beard. his guild symbol is shown on his left shoulder, black white and silver in color. he usually wears his white jacket with golden edges at the bottom and golden straps on the shoulders. on almost all his shirts the DNA guild mark can be seen. he usually wears dark pants. he always walks on his bare feet. aside from his guild mark, he has two more tattoos on his body. on his lower right arm; 龍神 in black. and on his lower left arm; 言葉 in white. floating behind him in a circle are twelve magic orbs.

Personality: Mathew is a calm and relaxed person, also described as the happy go lucky kind of guy. but where he can look weird and goofy when he's seen walking on his hands, or holding his chopsticks with his feet, or scratching himself behind his ear with his feet, he can also take situations seriously, when he thinks, or knows, he has too. when in the guild hall, he can usually be seen hanging with his friends, telling tales about his quests, or listening to others tell their tales. he has a big appetite and he doesn't mind holding eating competitions, for fun and for food. when on missions, his Exceed companion Xaro can always be seen at his side. he always tries to keep a cool head on missions, while also having fun. when in battle, he never underestimates his opponents, nor will he overestimate himself. Mathew's anger is drawn when people act incredibly arrogant and talk down to people, discriminate others, or torture others. when Mathew gets angry, the twelve magic orbs behind him get pitch black with a red edge.

- the words on his arms represent the magic he can use; 龍神 - Ryūjin - Dragon God. 言葉 - Kotoba - Words.
- Mathew can, as a dragon god slayer, eat almost any magic that's launched against him. the only raw material he can eat is crystalized ether nano
- Mathew's word magic can be used in two ways; he writes words with his hands and launches those at his target, or he sends his magic to his voice and calls out commands.
- Mathew is a third generation dragon slayer, implanted with a dragon lacrima and raised by a dragon god; Oroboros.
- on July 7, X777, like all other dragons, Oroboros disappeared, leaving Mathew alone.
- he's an S class wizard
- each of the twelve magic orbs around him collects Magic, just like a "container" within a wizard. Mathew can channel his magic through these orbs to attack, or suck the gathered magic from them to increase his own power.


Name: Xaro
Race: Exceed
Gender: Male
Height: 55 centimeter
Afilliation: DNA Guild, Mathew
Team: none

Magic: Aera, Battle Form

Family: Adopted brother; Mathew

Appearance: Xaro is a small purple exceed, with his DNA guild mark on his belly. he has yellow eyes and slid like pupils. he has long pointy ears, lavender hair like fur in between his ears, a lavender beard and lavender fur on his belly. his whiskers look like a mustache. he has a tail with a white tip. he can unfold a pair of wings. each wing is about twice his size.

Personality: Xaro shares Mathew's calm and relaxed nature. but where Mathew sometimes likes to goof around, Xaro is more wellmanered and sometimes has to call Mathew back to order. Xaro can also have fun, but never lets himself get carried away. he always maintains a level of control.

- Xaro can fly with incredible speed, easily flying a 100 kilometers an hour, while carrying Mathew
- Xaro can take on a battle form. Mathew has discribed it as a cat like wherewolf form. in this form, Xaro's physical abilities are equal to those of Mathew. he can hold this form for 20 minutes
- Xaro can normally stretch his claws 5 centimeters. in battle form he can stretch them 25 centimeters.

Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima
artwork and OC belong to me, :iconchikararyoku:

I do point commissions, requests and art trades
Erza walked through the guild hall with a worried expression on her face. Mira followed her with her eyes and knew what Erza was so worried about; Sora had gone on a SS class quest one and a half month ago and he still hadn’t returned. Even worse; he hadn’t send any messages of where he was and how things were going. Master Makarov was also worried, but he was still waiting for something.

Natsu, who was a dragon slayer like Sora, was missing his training partner. Grey, who was once again eating his lunch without his shirt, was also worried. All members of fairy tail were his family, so if one member was missing, that would upset him. the same went for everyone else in this guild.

after one more week, Makarov was done waiting and called Erza and her friends together, ‘Sora has been gone for far too long now. I want all of you to go and look for him. Erza, you’re in charge. Natsu, use that nose of yours to find his scent and follow it. Grey, you’re going along to keep a cool head. Lucy, your spirits could come in handy as well. Wendy, he might need healing, so you’re needed as well. Juvia, you’re going along for extra protection. And Gajeel, some extra muscle is never wrong. Now go and get Sora back!’ the team nodded, ‘yes sir!’

the team went to the last known location where Sora had been seen and went looking for a trail from there. The entire group could see how worried Erza was. to her Sora wasn’t just another guild member, or close friend; he was her boyfriend. Juvia tried to comfort her, telling her she understood how she felt. If Grey were to disappear one day, she would feel just as worried as Erza was now. And she wouldn’t rest until he was back in her arms.

but as their week of searching continued, the Exceeds flew through the sky to try and see if they could find Sora from there. Erza began to really get worried and even gave up on sleep to continue looking, eventually making herself sick on the fifth day. As Lucy, Wendy and Carla stayed with Erza to make sure she’d be okay, the others continued looking.

but as their first week of searching came to an end, Erza was healthy again thanks to Wendy’s magic, Natsu smelled something familiar, ‘it smells like Sora. But something else is trying to cover it up!’ he followed his nose and Erza was only a few feet behind him. they found Sora’s jacket with flame pattern at the bottom which master Makarov had given him when he became an S class wizard. It had been torn to pieces and had been covered under a layer of dust. Natsu smelled it from up close, ‘I know this extra scent, it’s that dark wizard Sora first encountered on Galuna island.’

Erza remembered how Sora had talked about that dark wizard; purple hair, half burned face, empty eyes, immense magic power. And each time Sora had encountered that monster, he had lost badly and end up very much hurt. Having finally found a clue as to where Sora was, they continued looking. Erza requipped an armor with wings, Happy carried Natus, Carla carried Wendy, Lilly carried Gajeel. Lucy summoned Gemini, who became a lookalike of Carla, who then carried her. Grey made a block of ice on the river next to them and Juvia, who went into the river, pushed it forth quickly to keep up with the ones flying above them.

one day later, Natsu finally found the source of the smell, as well as lunch; a campfire. As they came up on the campfire, Sora was sitting there, munching on some silver medals, staring blankly into the fire. Erza ran at him, smiling and with tears in her eyes. But as she called his name, as he looked up, Erza was shocked as there were only questions in Sora’s eyes. As he swallowed the silver he munched on he replied, ‘who’s Sora? And who are you?’

as the others showed up, Natsu flew into a rage. But not against Sora, but against the man sitting on the other side of the campfire. Clad in his dark clothes, the dark wizard sat there with a smile. Erza turned to him in anger and replied, ‘what have you done to my boyfriend?!’ the man stood up, looked at Sora and replied, ‘my friend, remember what I told you about what happened?’ Sora nodded and replied, ‘yes, I do. I fought a group of wizards, who then all used a different curse on me, to seal away my memories. Who I am, who I was, what I want. Who my friends are.’ His voice was blank, completely empty of emotion.

the dark wizard nodded, ‘correct. Well, look upon the faces of the people responsible for your memory loss my friend. And now they’re trying to act as if they’re your friends. All they want is to use you for your great power!’ Sora stood up and some anger came to his face, ‘what should I do then?’ the dark wizard grinned, ‘to end any curse; you have to kill the caster!’ Sora nodded, inhaled, ‘silver dragon; roar!’ a massive breath attack was unleashed upon the dumbfounded group.

Juvia and Grey snapped out of it just in time to put three barriers in between the incoming attack and them, but the barriers were still destroyed. The dark wizard threw of his thick cloak and bashed his fists together, ‘you go after the red head my friend. As strong as you are, you can’t take all of them on on your own. I’ll take all the others on!’ Sora nodded, ‘thanks. She’s as good as dead!’

Erza couldn’t believe her ears, but then snapped out of it. she turned to her group, ‘I’ll snap Sora out of whatever mind control that dark wizard has put him under. Meanwhile all of you try to take that other guy down. But be careful. He’s powerful enough to take on Sora without getting so much as a scratch!’ Erza requipped into new armor, requipped a sword and as Sora, who had armored up his right arm with silver spikes, she countered when he attacked.

Natsu, Grey and Gajeel were the front line against the dark wizard, Lucy and Juvia were the second line and Wendy was backup, strengthening their attacks, or increasing their speed, or buffing up their defenses.

Erza lured Sora with her, so the others wouldn’t be caught in their battle. Sora shot his silver scales at him, like launching volleys of silver daggers at her. she slashed most of them away, but some of the blades hit her and drew some blood. Sora grinned, ‘you should have tried to befriend me the moment you wiped my memories. Luckily my friend found me first and taught me some new tricks!’ he opened his mouth and started to suck in energy, as well as some of Erza’s blood, along with silver berries growing in the trees, ‘silver blood dragon; Roar!’ an even bigger attack than the last came from his mouth. Erza requipped into a shield armor and blocked his attack. but as the attack ended and she changed her shield armor for her lightning empress armor, he was gone. As she looked around, he attacked her from behind.

as Erza fell to the ground, she realized a few things were wrong; true, Sora was stronger now, his attacks more ferocious. But his way of fighting was sloppy and broad, not sharp and precise like before. along with losing his memories, he also forgot how he used to fight. Erza jumped back to her fight, ‘Sora, remember who you are. That dark wizard isn’t your friend. In fact, he’s likely the one who wiped your memories. Don’t you see, with just a few lines he turned you against your friends!’ Sora frowned, ‘I do not know who this Sora is, but I won’t allow you to badmouth my friend!’

he dashed after Erza and the two exchanged some blows. But as they did, Sora didn’t manage to hit Erza, or block Erza, a single time. He clad himself in silver spiked armor, before shooting out all the spiked, all of them carrying some drops of his blood, which than launched at Erza in blood needle form. The latter jumped into the sky, avoiding his attack. Sora unleashed another roar, but Erza blocked it again. and as his attack ended, this time she stood behind him and struck him down.

as he fell to his knees Erza replied, ‘this new fighting style of yours is way to open. I can see each of your attacks coming before you even make them. your fighting style used to be way more refined! Even though I’m the one fighting you now, in a one on one match, all of the others could also easily take you down! Before you disappeared from our guild, Fairy Tail, you were way sharper; one of our guild’s best fighters. Now look at you; more powerful, but way more sloppy!’

Sora frowned and shook his head, as if he tried to shoo away a nasty fly. He felt a bit of a wave of head ache come and go as he stood up. As he grew his nails into silver blood claws he replied, ‘what’s your name?’ Erza took a stance with her sword, ‘I’m Erza Scarlet.’ Sora nodded, ‘yes, I have heard of you; Titania! Queen of the fairies!’ Erza shrugged, ‘I’ve never cared for that nickname, as you should know; Sora.’

Erza changed her fighting stance and requipped a new armor; Silver empress armor, along with a blood blade. What she was planning, was to mimic Sora’s original fighting style. As Sora attacked again, he felt like he was a rock fighting a raging river. He couldn’t even lay a single finger on Erza. All his attacks either missed or were easily blown away. and Erza’s attacks, though they were similar to his own, which should negate most of the damage, had a massive impact on him. and the way she moved, it felt so familiar.

and as their fight continued, bit by bit he started to adapt to her fighting style, noticing how easily his body took over his movements, as if he was always meant to fight this way. Erza also noticed that Sora was improving and returning to how he was before. but the surprise on his face told her he still didn’t remember. She sighed, dashed toward him. he finally blocked her attack, but not her speed. Erza pinned him against a tree. The speed of the impact drove the air from his lungs. And before he could do anything against it, Erza kissed him.

it was like a bomb went off in his head. A bomb of light. And as the bomb went off, it ignited two extra bombs, which in turn set of two extra bombs of their own. and so forth and so forth, clearing out all the darkness in his head, shrouding his memories. And as his memories came back, he wrapped his arms around Erza and kissed her back.

{back with the others}

the dark wizard had used his demon soul takeover magic and had turned into an enormous eight headed serpent with eight tails. The others were kept at a distance by all the heads and the tails. No matter how powerful their attacks became thanks to Wendy, even when Grey and Juvia attacked with a unison raid, all heads of the monster could use a breath attack of their own. even when all three dragon slayers combined their breath attacks, they couldn’t hit the monstrous beast.

Erza and Sora than came back. Sora was wearing his torn jacket and greeted all of them with a smile, saying all their names. All eight heads of the snakes frowned, before all eight of them attacked. But with two extra wizards backing them up, it was now eight against eight. And with each head and tail now focused on one opponent, the dark wizard had a harder time to keep up with his targets, as he could no longer switch targets.

Era than took two weapons in hand, a flame and silver blade, unleashing two waves of magic power. Natsu and Sora were glad to have something to eat, Gajeel ate some iron he had in his pockets and Wendy sucked in wind. As the four of them unleashed and combined their four roars, behind the dark wizard grey and Juvia performed another unison raid attack, while Lucy used her magic to combine the power of two of her spirits for a powerful attack of her own.

as the smoke of the three combined attacks faded, the dark wizard was still there, but his enormous snake form was fading. Yet the man was still grinning even though he was injured, ‘well done, all of you. I only use this weapon as a last resort, when my snake form has been defeated.’ He stood up and held in his right hand a dark blade with a silver edge and a snake like hilt and guard. As he swung his blade, he unleashed a massive magical blast of wind pressure, blowing all of them away. the blast was so powerful, the wind pressure even blew away the clouds in the sky above them.

Sora stepped forward, ‘even though you lied to me, to use my power, I also want to thank you for taking care of me and teaching me to control that one extra magic. And now; you will regret it!’ the dark wizard tilted his head as he saw how Sora started to suck in magic, before suddenly feeling how he was being drained. The wounds on his body were bleeding and Sora was absorbing it, along with a silver magic attack from Erza, ‘silver blood dragon; roar!’

with his body being half depleted and drained, the attack hit him with maximum force and effect. As the attack ended, the dark wizard fell to his knees, but still smiled, ‘well done Sora, my friend. You finally managed to beat me. as a reward, I offer you my blade. Use it as I have, as a last resort!’ he held out the blade toward Sora. After the latter took it, the dark wizard fell backwards. His eyes were suddenly filled with black pupils, that than became grey and lifeless.

as they went home, Sora practiced with the blade, noticing the enormous magical power it held. But as he went home, he was glad to be with friends again, especially with his girlfriend; Erza Scarlet.
Commission. ravusWolf. Darkened Mind
another commission for :iconravuswolf: about his fairy tail OC Sora

Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima
Sora and his mother belong to :iconravuswolf:
writing and the dark wizard belong to me, :iconchikararyoku:

I do point commissions, requests and art trades
Toriko OC: Mathew. Apetite Demon: Army by ChikaraRyoku
Toriko OC: Mathew. Apetite Demon: Army
this is my OC Mathew in the Toriko Universe, unleashing his intimidation/showing his appetite Demon

the name of this demon is Army, having six wings, each with a skull. and each skull can unleash an intimidation of their own.
Ryu; a blue dragon, containing each dragon like creature Mathew has ever eaten in its scales
Fushichō; a red phoenix, containing all the bird like and avian beasts Mathew has ever eaten in its feathers
Leviathan; a leviathan, containing all the sea creatures Mathew has ever eaten in its scales

Tora; a yellow purple striped tiger, containing all the mammal beasts Mathew has ever eaten in its fur
Kame; a green turtle with a spiked shell, containing all lizard like creatures Mathew has ever eaten inside its shell.
Shi; a four beast, containing all plants, fruits and demon beasts Mathew has ever eaten inside its body.

Army holds these six creatures within his wings, thus in his body, thus containing all the creatures and ingredients Mathew has ever eaten; thus containing an entire army within itself.

Former Versions; -

Toriko belongs to Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Artwork and OC belong to me, :iconchikararyoku:

I do point commissions, requests and art trades
Tyg's Contest: Merry Christmas. Mistletoe by ChikaraRyoku
Tyg's Contest: Merry Christmas. Mistletoe
a small contest from my buddy :icontygerlander:

I made something small, festive and fun. (first time making something semi-chibi)

Toriko: Coco and Sunny belong to Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Shiroitora Kamidogu belongs to :icontygerlander:
artwork and Mathew belong to me, :iconchikararyoku:

I do point commissions, requests and art trades
Bob Buroukai: Quincy Vollstandig by ChikaraRyoku
Bob Buroukai: Quincy Vollstandig
after making this for :iconlanokir:'s birthday; I felt like making a vollstandig version as well

in this form, her S - the Succubus, rises to a new level of power. enemies become entranced by her on sight, making them easy targets

Bleach belongs to :icontitekuboplz:
Bob Butoukai belongs to :iconlanokir:
artwork belongs to me, :iconchikararyoku:

I do point commissions, requests and art trades

Hey friends, watchers and other people who happen to just drop by my journal; welcome. I’m back again for my usual discussions of one of my favorite manga; Bleach. So, without any further ado, let’s get to it.

wow, i did not see that coming; Yoruichi has family,… not sure if it’s a little brother or sister; Yuushiro Shihoin. Yuushiro was contacted by Yoruichi and has brought a lot of stuff to aid her. the vizoreds also show up, ready to go up and help. Hiyori has her complaints, of course. Meanwhile, up above, two gods are fighting! Juha Bach draws his sword and Ichibei uses his brush like a sword. Sure, it can’t cut flesh, but it can cut names in half. As juha bach blocks it with his left arm, it becomes ar, with the next swing, Juha Bach’s power is cut in half and Ichibei pushes him back to in between the lines he drew before. than Ichibei says something interesting; “Juha Bach, old friend” (were they friends ones?) Juha bach, leader of the quincies, Ichibei, the loathed head of the soul reapers. Ichibei asks how Juha bach would feel about being chopped into fine pieces. Juha bach answers with a smile, asking if it looked like he was suffering. Man, ichibei looked so nice at first. But now; with that demonic smile on his face; creepy. Ain’t it awesome!!
so, what did you think?

just for fun, here’s my vocaroo version (voice recording);

info on my anime writing point commissions, drawing requests and art trades
can be found here;

so, tell me what you think


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